Sunday, 9 August 2015

Blackhouse Wood 06/08/15

A visit to Blackhouse Wood on the 6th was very successful. Good numbers of the usual moths for the time of year. Buff footman was the most common moth of the night. One trap had over 80 and there were many more basking in the grass nearby.
The big surprise was a female Four Spotted Footman.
Something else I have never seen before was a mouse doing its best to catch Yellow Underwings that were settled in the undergrowth by one trap. It was completely oblivious to me as I sat there counting!

The final lists are not prepared yet, but I expect we will just break 100 species between 5 traps.

Four Spotted Footwoman
Oliver Wadsworth.


  1. I am jealous - doubly so as I intended to turn up, but was under the weather that evening. I note that Martin Harvey also caught one at almost the same time at a site near Princes Risborough, up in the Chilterns:
    I live in excitement was chasing an Old Lady around Brockhampton last night and failing to get a photo before it (she?) flew off back into the woods.


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