Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dodford Garden 8th August 2015

Whilst I have been getting 50-80 species most nights in July it has become a bit of "The Usual Suspects" with not a lot of different moths of late.

However August has started bringing a bit of variety and some nice Moths, new to me.

Female Oak Eggar

Sallow Kitten

Small Mottled Willow ?

Lunar-spotted Pinion

Pete Smith, Dodford


  1. With the colouring in the orbicular stigma clearly visible, I agree with your Small mottled Willow id Pete. My garden here in Bringsty is much the same, dominated by Large Yellow Underwing (126 in the trap last night) but some of the late Summer species cropping up now with Rosy Rustic, Apotomis betuletana, Acleris laterana being typical.

  2. Not had quite so may LYUs! Most was 42 in one trap. Also had Acleris laterana last night and have had a few Six-striped Rustics but no Rosy yet.


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