Monday, 3 August 2015

Garden mothing-Yellow Underwing invasion!

Last night in garden in Bewdley I couldn't move for Large Yellow Underwings bombing about, disturbing all the other moths in the trap. At least 60 of these, plus 6 Broad-bordered which were new for the year. Over 100 species so far with NFY White Satin, Magpie, Straw Underwings, Dusky Sallow, Copper Underwing, Large Twin-spot Carpet and a wonderful Bordered Pug. Over 50 species of micros including terebrella (rare in Worcs), formosa, pinguis, pallidata, trifolli, Rush Veneer, leucatella, scabrella, splendana and binaevella. August has started pretty well. 418 species in the garden so far this year of which 251 macros and 167 micros.
Ian Machin

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