Saturday, 22 August 2015

Garden mothing update

Since I returned from a holiday in Kent on the 16th, I have run the garden trap nightly and recorded (for August) an amazing 112 species. The nights of 20th and 21st were by far the busiest with 83 species combined.
Many NFY macros including the expected Flounced, Rosy and Six-Striped (good numbers this year) Rustics, Canary-shouldered Thorn, and Orange Swift, plus regular Currant Pug, Vapourer,  Red Underwing, Golden-rod Pug and Maiden's Blush, plus unexpected but very welcome Dotted Clay, Barred Chestnut, Mouse Moth, Small Dotted Buff (unusual markings without the dots-picture to follow when Dave B sends the photo), Gold Spot(2), Angle-striped Sallow, Lesser Treble Bar and two cracking Carpets-Cloaked and Dark Marbled.
Micros included smeathmanniana, many purpuralis and aurata and a garden first semicostella.
Reading the Garden Moth Scheme newsletter I see that Small Square Spot has had a bumper year in Wales-we have enjoyed a very good year for these also, and second generation individuals are now featuring in the trap lists.
Ian Machin

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