Monday, 31 August 2015

Bringsty Common

I thought I'd post a brief update. On nights when the weather has been kinder for trapping, I've run the mv light in the garden. Recently it's been the 29th and last night - although it was a tad damp this morning. Not wet enough to deter Large Yellow Underwings though, which came in top at 138 individuals, followed by Setaceous Hebrew Character at 42. Species counts continue to decline with each outing and more early Autumnal species appear. The latest being Centre-barred Sallow. There was a nice Red Underwing in the trap on the 29th too. Yesterday I caught my first second brood Light Emerald - about a quarter of normal size and I attach an image with my index finger alongside to give a little scale. 26 macro species and 8 micro species last night. Migrants continue to boycott my garden for the most part, with just a Dark Sword Grass making a token appearance his week. I suspect the recent sightings of Convolvulus Hawk-moth in the country are going past right now on their way to Bodenham (!). Peter Hall
Bringsty Common August 30th: Centre-barred Sallow

Bringsty Common August 30th: Light Emerald

Bringsty Common August 29th: Red Underwing

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