Friday, 19 June 2020

Scarlet Tiger Puzzle Mansell Gamage

I saw one Scarlet Tiger in my back garden on 8th June, then again on 9th June on comfrey when I photographed it. In a similar place again 1 single on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th. So I didn't photograph again because I assumed it was the same individual.
Then on 15th June I didn't see one in that place but in the evening I found a pair mating in my front garden (photographed) and was pleased to think that my lonely one had found a mate!
On 18th June, heavy rain all day, I found one in the evening on paving in my back garden, very wet, so I gently moved it to a sheltered place and left it. This morning it had gone and then this evening, 19th, near where I left it I have found a pair mating again (photographed).
Now I have assumed that I have one constant one throughout and 2 more coming in to mate, but having looked closely at their markings on the photos this evening I think they are all different individuals, so I now think that I have seen 5 individuals, or maybe more.
If I see any more I will try and photograph every one and not assume I'm seeing the same one all the time!

Scarlet Tiger 9th June

Scarlet Tigers 15th June

Scarlet Tigers 19th June

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