Thursday, 22 June 2017

The heat is on...

Had to have a day's rest today to catch up on the recent heatwave moths and pinch several 40 winks-oh and a few dog walks! First up are all the garden goodies in this hot spell: Macro highlights have been Satin Lutestring, Beautiful Snout, Red-necked Footman, Blotched Emerald, up to 8 Scarlet Tigers nightly, more Grass Rivulets, Lilac Beauty, Beautiful Carpet, Leopards and a Wainscot invasion on the 20th-14 Smoky, 4 Common, 2 Shoulder-striped and a garden first Obscure.  Unusual Micros included formosa, oppressana and ljungiana.

At Burlish Top, I have netted trifolli, many sinuella, pterodactyla, brunnichana and Marbled White butterflies. Today in the Wyre, near Tanner's Hill car park, I netted the scarce oliviella.

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