Saturday, 24 June 2017

Brockhampton Estate - updated!

 A small brown pyrale-like moth has now been identified that came to one of the traps.  It's a Marsh Oblique-barred.  Such a tiny macro-moth, but nonetheless a county first for Hereford.

After a very successful return to Bernwood Forest in Buckinghamshire a couple of nights ago where Dave Wilton and myself recorded well over 200 species (and completed the double - 100+ macros and 100+micros), I felt suitably recovered and enthused to venture out again. This time I went to Limepits Wood on the Brockhampton Estate.  I chose this part as it was fairly well sheltered from the stiff breeze.  Not the most exciting of evenings, but the number of species slowly increased during my 3 hour trapping session.  72 macro species recorded and 24 micro species, with a few potted up to look at more closely.  Blomer's Rivulet numbers were surprisingly low considering I trapped next to a line of young Wych Elm trees, with just 7 individuals.  Other species of note: Dingy Shell (4), Lilac Beauty (1), Sandy Carpet (13), Dingy Shears (1), Triple-spotted Clay (1), Minor Shoulder-knot (2) and the surprise of the night a Vestal.  Commonest moth of the night was The Flame (34). Peter Hall
Brockhampton Estate: Beautiful Carpet

Brockhampton Estate:Blomer's Rivulet

Brockhampton Estate: Dingy Shell

Brockhampton Estate: Swallow-tailed

Brockhampton Estate: Vestal

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  1. Ian Machin recorded Marsh Oblique-barred last year, I think it was a first for Worcs.


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