Friday, 30 June 2017

An Anouncement - Hereford Recording

It is with some sadness that it has been decided that Mike Harper will no longer continue in the role of Hereford County Moth Recorder, due to long term ill health.  Sheila would really appreciate it if no-one made contact with Mike regarding this please.

From immediate effect Phyl King becomes Hereford Macro-moth County Recorder and I become the Micro-moth Recorder.  However, I will also have a copy of the Mapmate Macro-moth database and will be more than happy to receive macro-moth records from you all and answer queries and produce data upon request.  Of course Phyl will too. The county database is for everyone to have information from and I will be glad to help in this respect.

The Micro-moth database needs re-building, with a mass of information needing entering to bring it up to date, a lot of it Mike Harper's records.  This will take some time to do, but I plan to start as soon as possible with the aim to have available all information on Hereford micro-moths, both new and historical.

If you click on the link on the right hand side for the list of County Moth Recorders, you will find details of us both in there and this is a request for all people with moth records, however old, to submit them to me (or Phyl) soonest please.  If they are in notebook form, I am happy to input these for you.  One such recorder last year was delighted when I put in 30,000 of his moth records over the winter months.  I am happy to do this for anyone with Hereford records (notebooks returned after of course).

Some of you I know, and some I don't.  So please can I apologise now if I query a record.  For the micro-moths I shall be using the Butterfly Conservation guide, plus my own experience in micro-moths.  For Macro-moths it will be those that need dissection or are unusual in their rarity or timing.

Peter Hall

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