Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hawkbatch, Wyre Forest, 26th June.

              With the weather forecasted to go downhill I decided to make use of possibly the last good night for a while and target the Norway Spruce at Hawkbatch for Argyresthia glabratella and Epinotia nanana. I ran 3 traps, using my custom built wheelbarrow to transport traps, cables and generator to a suitable location and was joined by Ian Machin and Steve Whitehouse.
              Sadly we failed to trap either of our targets or indeed some of the Wyre specialities such as Orange Moth, Great Oak Beauty, Oecophora bractella or Dasycera oliviella so the general feeling was that we had a below par performance despite recording in the region of 140 species!
             I photographed just the two specimens below from the nights catch.   Patrick Clement

Amblyptilia punctidactyla

Piniphila bifasciana

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