Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Haugh Wood last night

As the wind had finally dropped and it was forecast to be reasonably warm, I decided at the last minute to set off for Haugh Wood.  On cue, the skies cleared at dusk and the temperature, which started at 14 degrees at sunset, slowly dropped, so that by the time I packed up after a 3 hour session, it was just 9 degrees and feeling chilly too.  The cooler temperatures meant fewer micros and the macros came in slowly and steadily and all but drying up by pack up time.  So far I recorded 62 macros, with a couple of Minors and Pugs to be looked at more closely and just 18 micro species to date, although I have a few potted up for id'ing later.

In addition to the usual crew of expected moths, there were a few nice ones.  Blotched Emerald is always good to see (7).  A really black Satin Beauty, a single Barred Red and a Common Lutestring all put in an appearance.  My first Ruddy Carpet of the year turned up and 2 Brussels Lace also.  Undoubtedly the star of the show was a County first in Agrotera nemoralis, a very pretty Pyrale and well away from its known haunts in the country.  Migrant or resident? Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Agrotera nemoralis

Haugh Wood: Blotched Emerald

Haugh Wood: Satin Beauty

Haugh Wood: Ruddy Carpet

Haugh Wood: Brussels Lace


  1. I did record a Pearly Underwing at home in Worcestershire last night, so there are some migrants arriving.

  2. I recorded a female Gem in Hereford last night, another supporting migrant.

  3. A remarkable record either way and a stunning moth.


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