Monday, 19 June 2017

Hereford moths

A couple of new ones in my Hereford garden in the last two days, both of which I sort of expected might turn up soon. Metalmpra italica and Small Ranunculus. The other I had down as Delplanqueia.dilutella, (this from Great Doward on the 16th), but I've been reliably informed it's probably D.inscriptella, a new crypto species recently discovered lurking amongst the former. This being the one found inland. Scarlet Tigers the main garden moth of note right now. 18 last night!

D.dilutella/inscriptella - Great Doward 16/6/17

M.italica - Hereford 17/6/17

Small Ranunculus - Hereford 18/7/17


  1. Every one that I've chopped so far (and that's quite a few) have been inscriptella


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