Sunday, 26 April 2015

The garden trap

Friday night was a bit warmer than has been usual for a while so I ran a trap.
Numbers were still very low with 10 moths in total at 3am, but I did get two nice ones. I recorded Mullein last year, but I was still pleased to see it again.


The other notable moth was Silver Cloud. The first I have heard of this year and new for the garden list.

Silver Cloud

Also new for the year was White Ermine.

Oliver Wadsworth.


  1. Nice moths for the garden, Oliver, I have still never seen Mullein, despite having the larvae on garden Verbascum most years.
    (Penny had Silver Cloud in her Herefordshire garden a few days ago.)

    1. Odd that - I have had the Mullein both springs since we got here but I have no idea where the plants are. Certainly not in our garden or the local lanes. Must be a neighbour growing them I guess.
      Quite right about the Silver Cloud - I forgot about Penny's post.


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