Friday, 10 April 2015

A Degree at Bringsty Common

Last night the temperatures dipped more than the previous nights. Only about a degree more, but it had a significant effect on moth numbers. Last night it was already 7 degrees at midnight, dipping to a low of 3.2 in the early hours. The night before it was well over 8 at midnight and the low of 3.9 was shorter and later, as an example. So total moth numbers in the trap: 126 on the 7th, 143 on the 8th and then just 86 last night. I had a Dotted Chestnut on the 8th (the whole world is catching this moth these days and now myself also) and last night a singleton Dark Sword-grass made an appearance. Species numbers?  23 species on the 8th versus 11 species on the 9th. Peter Hall
Dark Sword-grass: Bringsty Common

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  1. I trapped at Hurcott last night and at 11.30, when I packed up, the temperature was 7.3 degrees (by midnight it would have probably matched your 7 degrees pretty much exactly). Just 16 species and nothing exciting.


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