Thursday, 9 April 2015

Mompha divisella

After recently posting that the only over-wintering Mompha species I ever see is M. subbistrigella, I suppose it was inevitable that the moths would quickly conspire to make me look a fool.

While checking the contents of the garden trap this morning a micro flew in front of my face, hovering a while to be certain I saw it and even settling momentarily, to show me it was an interesting Mompha species that I had not previously recorded in the garden, before taking flight again. Afraid to take my eyes off the moth, I fumbled blindly for my net only to find it was snagged on some Pyracantha, forcing me to follow the moth with pot in hand trying to capture the thing by hand. Due to very good fortune rather than any skill of mine the moth landed on the short grass (good job I mowed the lawns yesterday) and I was able to pot it.

Mompha divisella  (Gen Det, male)
I see Sterling and Parsons say it is becoming more common so hopefully we shall be seeing more of them in the future.

Patrick Clement

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