Friday, 24 April 2015

Elachista freyerella

Elachista freyerella

         With cold nights there has been little in the garden trap but I did find an Elachista (formerly Cosmiotes) freyerella in my greenhouse on the 19th April, followed by a second the following day! Reading the info on the Dissection Group Website it appears advisable to check genitalia combined with head colour for a positive id.
                                               Patrick Clement


  1. Yes, I found a lot of the information on the Dissection site slightly misleading, but the structure plus head colour do the trick every time.

    1. Thanks Peter. I would like to see a good close-up of the head of E. stabilella for comparison.

  2. I think if we put my stabilella image (see link) next to your freyerella image it would clearly show the head colour differences. Shall we do that for the Dissection site?


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