Saturday, 25 April 2015

Brockhampton & Bringsty

As it was forecast to be a milder night last night, I ventured out to the Brockhampton Estate and ran 2 mv traps - one Robinson-type and one Skinner. It was rather disappointing, such that I decided to pack up slightly earlier than usual. 34 moths of just 11 species, with Lunar Marbled Brown topping the frequency list with 9.

Back home things faired much better, running the white Robinson, with 86 macro-moths of 26 species, with species like Brimstone, Brown Silver-line, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Small Phoenix and Chocolate-tip all new for the year. There were some micros at long last also  - mostly what look like Elachista canapennella (tbc), a Gelechid (will id later), Eudonia angstea, Acleris literana and Plutella xylostellaPeter Hall

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