Monday, 20 April 2015

Mansell Gamage Garden 16th April 2015

New to Herefordshire, dusted off my Skinner 15w battery trap last week. Now to dust off my knowledge as well, which I hope you can help me with! Pleased to get 10 species with a couple new to me.

First up to show you is a Silver Cloud.

Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud

Then one I'm not sure about but think it's an Oak Nycteoline.
Any thoughts?
Oak Nycteoline

And a nice sight of a Waved Umber doing it's thing on an old tree trunk.
Waved Umber

 Penny Hurt


  1. Welcome to the blog Penny.
    Great photos - A very nice Silver Cloud and you are spot on with Oak Nycteoline.

  2. Hi Penny.
    Ditto everything Oliver said.

  3. That's a very green ruler! Welcome to the blog.

  4. Thank you all. I was very pleased with the Silver Cloud. Great weather for trapping - I must try to do another one before it changes.

  5. Nice one for the garden - seems to have declined somewhat east of River Severn in recent years and a difficult moth to target


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