Friday, 17 April 2015

Haugh Wood

This weeks night time temperature forecast has been a little wayward. I think last night was the mildest in the end, albeit still not tropical. Robin and myself ran 4 traps at Haugh Wood in Herefordshire. As expected at this time of year we both caught similar species. For me, I recorded 148 moths of 25 macros and 3 micros (with a couple still to id). Combined we were well into the 30's regarding species numbers. Broom-tip was out and about with double figure numbers and Prominents just making an appearance also, with Lesser Swallow and Pale. It was nice to see a Scarce Tissue too (perfect for a cold night and runny nose!). Peter Hall & Rob Hemming

Haugh Wood: Broom-tip
Haugh Wood: Lesser Swallow Prominent

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