Friday, 17 July 2020

Bringsty Hornets

My LUN Lunar Hornet lure has arrived so today I put it down the slope from my house into some Sallows around 10.15am and left it for the day. I think the 4 that were in the trap arrived fairly early as they all looked worse for wear when I went to retrieve the traps at around 6.30pm. Delighted the lure works and delighted I now have a record for the Common as well.. The only other clearwing was a Red-belted Clearwing this time to the MYO lure hung up in the same Sallows. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Red-belted Clearwing

Bringsty Common: Lunar Hornet Clearwing

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  1. Judging by my results with the LUN lure so far, I think they sent me the "miscellaneous small diptera" pheromone by mistake! Shall keep trying though, especially now you have caught them so close by.


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