Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Bredon Hill

I have been regularly trapping with my 20w Heath trap in my urban garden in Evesham this year though generally catch low numbers and have only just reached 200 species since February. Though a Least Carpet on the 17th was noteworthy. However have recently acquired a battery so can now go out and trap in better areas.

Least carpet

Last night ran the trap on the outside of woodland at the base of Bredon hill near Elmley. A respectable 72 species was caught by 1:15am when temperatures started to drop and the sky cleared. The site looks promising with a range of different habitats.


Drinker                                                Dingy footman
Small emerald                                     Buff footman
Cream wave                                        Scarce footman
Small fan-footed wave                        Common footman
Single-dotted wave                             Ruby tiger
Riband wave                                       Shuttle-shaped dart
Large twin-spot carpet                        Large yellow underwing
Common carpet                                  Lesser yellow underwing
Yellow shell                                       Broad-boarded yellow underwing
July highflyer                                     Double-square spot
Sandy carpet                                      Brown-line bright-eye
Foxglove pug                                     Smoky wainscot
Lime-spec pug                                   Clay
Double-striped pug                            Coronet
Brimstone                                          Dark arches
September thorn                                Light arches
Willow beauty                                   Marbled minor agg
Mottled beauty                                  Small-dotted buff
Elephant hawk                                  Common rustic agg
Coxcomb Prominent                         Rustic/uncertain
Pale prominent                                  Silver Y
Yellow tail                                         Beautiful hook-tip
Rosy footman                                    Dun-bar
Chinese character

Agriphila tristella                               Phycitodes binaerella
Crysoteuchia culmella                        Crassa unitella
Crambus perlella                                Eudonia lacustrata
Agriphilia straminella                        Eudonia mercurella
Mother of pearl                                  Yponomeuta malinellus agg
Agapeta hamana                                Carcina quercana
Thistle ermine                                    Prays ruficeps
Paraswimmerdamia nebulella           Carpatolechia fugitifulvella
Marbled orchard tortrix                     Coleophora trifolii
Argyresthia goedatella                      Cnephasia sp
Eucosma cana
Gypsonomia sociana 

Muslin footman
Rosy footman
Coxcomb prominent

A Greenshank over calling at 00:45 and a hedgehog made it an interesting night!

Ed Betteridge

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