Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Last week I had a buttoned snout in my moth trap in Welland which flew away when I tried to photograph it and disappeared behind the kitchen cabinets (so I had no proof!).

Last night whilst watching the TV, the buttoned snout reappeared and flew straight past me but to my horror it flew straight up the chimney. Once again I presumed it to be lost as a flashlight up the chimney revealed nothing but spiders webs.

Today, whilst home schooling my children, my 8 year old daughter said 'what's that moth on the lampshade?'. To my complete amazement it was the buttoned snout and this time I managed some decent photos on my camera and one from my iPhone which is attached.

Sometimes things are just meant to be! 


PS excuse the tiny photo, the Google system wouldn't let me access my iPhone and the 'insert image' function doesn't let you download a photo from your laptop desktop. Does anyone know how to insert a picture from a laptop desktop or memory stick?

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