Sunday, 10 May 2020

Bringsty Common May 9th 2020

I had intended to do a summary of the last few nights of moth trapping in the garden, but I thought I would just detail yesterdays' events. Things had been hotting up regarding species numbers with 37 macro species and 6 micro species on the 7th, then a small increase on the 8th to 39 macro species and 11 micro species. As you will all know, yesterday was very warm and humid and we avoided any rain showers. A dog walk across part of the Common here during the day recorded Celypha lacunana, Monopis weaverella, Anania fuscalis, Glyphipterix fuscoviridella, Glyphipterix simpliciella, Micropterix calthella, Grass Rivulet and Common Carpet. I ran 2 Robinson type MV moth traps in the garden and to date I have recorded 80 species with around 8-10 micros still to identify later. It's an astonishing number for the time of year and I am losing track of all the "earliest records", not just from my recording but other recorders too.

At midnight it was still 15 degrees outside and the May Bugs were having a ball. The traps were not busy, but a steady influx of moths was noted when I spent half an hour just before midnight having a good look. I know some of you like to see what is out and about (there is a weblink down the right hand side which also helps - What's Flying Tonight), but in no particular order (as they were recorded with numbers in brackets): Micropterix tunbergella (1), Epinotia immundana ((5), Esperia sulphurella (1), Cochylis nana (1), Aphomia sociella (6), Pyrausta aurata (1), Notocelia cynosbatella (8), Celypha lacunana (7), Monopis weaverella (2), Syndemis musculana (1), Crambus lathoniellus (2), Elachista canapennella (18), Anania hortulata (2), Epiphyas postvittana (1), Spuleria flavicaput (1), Grapholita jungiella (1), Knot Grass (3), Brimstone (16), Pebble Hook-tip (8), Green Carpet (19), Brown Silver-line (14), Common Carpet (13), White-pinion Spotted (12), Seraphim (5), Grass Rivulet (4), Small Phoenix (10), Pale Tussock (8), Peppered (3), Clouded Border (9), Flame Carpet (5), Least Black Arches (5), Rivulet (1), Flame Shoulder (11), Red Twin-spot Carpet (6), Lime Hawk (1), Bright-line Brown-eye (1), Pale Prominent (1), Common White Wave (1), Brindled Pug (5), Angle Shades (1), Shuttle-shaped Dart (2), Waved Umber (2), Iron Prominent (2), Scalloped Hazel (8), Alder (3), Orange Footman (11), Clouded Silver (1), Common Pug (6), Yellow-barred Brindle (1), Silver Y (1), Broken-barred Carpet (2), Treble Lines (8), Muslin (10), Nut-tree Tussock (4), Pebble Prominent (6), Poplar Hawk (2), Treble-bar (1), Buff Ermine (1), Hebrew Character (4), Lesser Swallow Prominent (4), Common Marbled Carpet (2), Oak-tree Pug (5), Alder Kitten (1), White Ermine (1), Flame (1), Maiden's Blush (2), Common Quaker (1), Silver-ground Carpet (1), Mottled Pug (4), Shoulder-striped Wainscot (1), Grey Birch (3), Oak Hook-tip (1), Dwarf Pug (2), Ruby Tiger (1), Sandy Carpet (1), Silver Cloud (1), Clouded-bordered Brindle (1), Cream Wave (14) and Brown Rustic (1). Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Alder moth

Bringsty Common: Clouded-bordered Brindle

Bringsty Common: Oak Hook-tip

Bringsty Common: Pale Tussock

Bringsty Common: Sandy Carpet


  1. What a brilliant catch - about twice what I got over here in Bucks. Bet it'll be a different story tonight!

  2. Yes ...a good night. With my humble actinic heath on the Doward I got 31 macros but 10 of them weren't on your list including Coronet, Coxcomb Prominent, Barred Umber, Clay Triple Lines, Mocha, Scorched Wing with Mother Shipton and Burnet Companion during the day. Also Ancyclis mitterbachiana and Nematopogon schwarziellus about.


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