Friday, 22 May 2020

Crassa tinctella

Last Saturday night here at Warndon, Worcester I was not expecting much but put the garden Robbo on anyway - 'just in case'. Next morning only 10 species were identified. However one was totally unfamiliar to me and checking books and photos I was fairly happy it was Crassa tinctella. Considering there had not been one in Worcs since June 1885 I decided to have it checked by Patrick Clement and the result was a re-sounding 'positive male'. A postscript to this is that another was attracted to light in the Shropshire side of the Wyre Forest on Wednesday night by Patrick and so it appears the species is having a good year. A friend of mine caught another near Swindon in Wiltshire last night.

Crassa tinctella

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  1. It's doing a little better across the border here in Herefordshire. 20 records, the last in 2016.


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