Thursday, 28 May 2020

Bryotropha basaltinella

On 3rd August 2019 I recorded a confirmed male B. basaltinella in my garden trap at Warndon. I had noticed it appeared visually about
Bryotropha basaltinella (Patrick Clement)
 half way between an affinis and a domestica. On May 18th this year I spotted another similar moth. This second record  is also the 2nd for VC37 and may have a colony in the NE Worcester suburbs. I guess that it occurs elsewhere but like many other species goes pretty well under the radar. Thanks to Gail Hampshire for indirectly alerting me to the existence of the species in late July last year!

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  1. We now have 21 records in Herefordshire. 20 of them since I arrived here. 12 from my garden, 7 from Bodenham (Rob Hemmings garden) and one from John Walshe's garden in Hereford. The final record is from the splendidly named Denzel Ffennell back in 1974 from Moccas. I think it is around, but not identified.


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