Friday, 22 May 2020

A valued porch

I had to move my actinic into the porch last night to avoid the rain but was rewarded by my first Lunar Thorn for a couple of years. The Waring/Townsend field guide states that these are 'now very scarce in the Midlands' so I suppose Herefordshire is near the edge of the range.
I also potted a Tortricid from the porch window a couple of days ago and have just looked at it and think it may be a Pammene germmana. The palps are out of focus in this pic but look noticably white.


  1. The database is showing 144 county records, with usually one or two per year - in recent times mostly between yourself and Ray Birchenough in Dorstone.

  2. Keep the Tortrix for me to look at Ian


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