Monday, 2 July 2018

Recent nights

The week ahead looks busy for moth recording with the nights finally warming up a bit more.  Of interest in the last few days:  Haugh Wood stayed quite mild (whilst the garden here got cold) and of interest (on the 26th) were Mocha, White-line Snout, Blotched Emerald and a late Broom-tip. On the 28th I trapped at Wigmore Rolls (mild-ish) and of interest I caught Beautiful Snout, Satin Lutestring, Clouded Magpie, Red-necked footman and nicest for me a Bilberry Pug.  That's the first Hereford record outside of the Doward area. Meanwhile back in the garden  it's been steady until last night when the warmer temperatures brought out the moths, although the traps were also filled with water boatmen and other bugs.  About 145 species last night and of interest for me were: Suspected (5), Rosy Footman (8), Leopard (4), Sycamore (1), Satin Beauty (1), Dingy Shears (1), Brown-line Bright-eye (1) and Garden Tiger (1). The garden also always seems to do well for Triple Spotted Clay (10). Peter Hall

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