Tuesday, 3 July 2018

June in tune!

Last month in the garden trap in Bewdley, I recorded 160 species of macro (only bettered by 166 in 2009) with 2809 macros altogether (best June numbers in 12 years recording). One new one-Small Seraphim, and plenty of interesting others: Small Ranunculus,Blue bordered Carpet, Brown line Brown eye, Leopard, Round winged Muslin, Beautiful Snout, Large Nutmeg, Ruddy Carpets, Golden Plusia, Varied Coronet, Coronets, Scarlet Tigers, Grass Rivulets,Barred Red, Clay Triple Lines, Orange Moth, Barred Umber and Satin Wave. Loads of micros including oliviella, oppressana, messingiella, palumbrella, bechsteinella and alpinana. Bring it on July!

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