Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Recent moths from Whitchurch, Herefords

Hi All,

There's been a flurry of interesting and new species in the garden the last few days. Brown-tails arrived on Saturday and have been around since. They seem to have quietly colonized. I'm not sure they weren't here last year as well, wasn't paying attention! Silky Wainscot wandered in from somewhere on Monday night and so did European Corn-borer on Tuesday. White Satin was also new Tuesday and Round-winged Muslins, (first seen last year), appear to have consolidated their presence with multiple individuals per night.
Cypress Carpet was from the 17th June.Maybe a new one for the county?

Brown-tail in defensive posture. Whitchurch 30/6

Cypress Carpet Whitchurch 17/6

European Corn-borer Whitchurch 3/7

Round-winged Muslin 2/7

Silky Wainscot 2/7

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