Tuesday, 10 July 2018


I swept this micro from a Apple tree in an orchard at Wofferwood Common today. I am fairly sure it is a Grapholita sp. and it seems to match with pictures & descriptions of G. lobarzewskii but I would appreciate any other opinions on it. It is 7mm long. 


  1. Can you mail me the full sized image Aaron?

  2. I'm reasonably convinced it's lobarzewskii, though a larger, more detailed image would be good. Incidently, these are not as rare as UK Moths would suggest. Ian Kimber could do with updating quite a few of the species descriptions on the site. (Easy for me to say, I know it all takes time.)

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've sent larger images off to Peter and still have the specimen in case it's needed.
    It was really the way that UK Moths stressed it's scarcity that put the most doubts about the ID in my mind.


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