Friday, 13 July 2018

Mansell Gamage 04/07/18

A challenging trapping in my Skinner trap. Some 100 moths, quite a few new to me and which have taken some time to identify. The trap included Black Arches and Fern both of which are new to me.

Black Arches


Could I have confirmation for the following three please.

Scarce Silver Y?

Is this Orthotaenia undulana?

Not sure what this is??


  1. The last one is Euzophera pinguis.

  2. And above that looks like Celypha striana. Have you got a side on shot of the Silver Y?

    1. Thanks Peter. No, sorry I don't have a side on shot of Silver Y. I could give you a full size file of the one I've got if it helps?


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