Monday, 31 July 2017

Great Farley Wood July 25th

On my second visit to this site I recorded 89 species, well down on the 161 species recorded in June despite conditions being very good. No great surprises or rarities and spotting micros amongst an estimated 250 Blastobasis adustella and 200 Agriphila straminella was difficult.
Of note were 6 Angle-striped Sallows, there is quite a lot of birch present, and just two micros were photographed, Epinotia solandriana and Morophaga choragella.
The M. choragella kept twitching as I attempted to photograph it and I suspected a parasite, possibly a mite irritating it. As I looked through my viewfinder a worm-like creature, semi transparent and reminiscent of a tiny elver, emerged from under one wing, briefly waving around before retreating back out of sight onto or into it's host, nice!
Patrick Clement
Morophaga choragella

Epinotia solandriana

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