Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Bringsty Common

With the car awaiting a new turbo, I've been restricted to home trapping.  But it's been cool, wet and rather windy, so last night was the first night in just under a week that I put a trap out.  It was still cool, windy with showers! The late summer lull seems to be arriving and I've gone from 2 pages per night in my notebook, to fitting them all easily onto one page.  Migrants are the usual fare of Silver Y and Nomophila noctuella.  47 macro-moth species last night and 17 micro-moth species.  I've kept back some likely candidate Lesser CR "Common Rustic aggs" for dissection.  Dotted Clay and yet another Angle-striped Sallow last night.  Poplar Hawk-moth have been continuous this year so I presume the broods overlapped.  Commonest macro-moth was Flame Shoulder with 26 individuals, followed by Large Yellow Underwing with 18, Straw Dot (15) then Common Rustic (agg.) with 14.  Commonest micro-moth was Agriphila straminella with 63 individuals. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Dotted Clay

Bringsty Common: Angle-striped Sallow

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