Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haugh Wood July 5th

A warm and humid night, but with a bright moon.  19 degrees at switch on and 16 and switch off some three and a bit hours later. I trapped in my usual spot for 2017 and so far have a total of 99 macro-species and 54 micro-moth species.  It wasn't really busy but more like "steady" and I did expect more activity because of the conditions.  The moon was behind the trees for most of the nights trapping.  Plenty of interest as usual at this excellent site including White-line Snout, Brussels Lace, Clouded Magpie, Double Lobed, Pinion-streaked Snout, Round-winged Muslin, lots of Rosy Footman, and Cloaked Carpet.  Nothing too exciting in the micros as yet, but there are a number to id later in the year.  One of my indicator species for late Summer appeared  - Dun-bar - so that was a sad moment! Peter Hall
Haugh Wood: Brussels Lace

Haugh Wood: Cloaked Carpet

Haugh Wood: Double Lobed

Haugh Wood: Rosy Footman

Haugh Wood: Muslin Footman

Haugh Wood: White-line Snout

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