Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Box Tree Moth

Hi. Thanks for letting me join the group.
I found this Box Tree Moth in the trap in Malvern, Worcestershire yesterday morning. I read that it is a pest and spreading from the South-East, so I was wondering whether it is common in Herefordshire/Worcestershire  now? Nicky Rowberry


  1. I'm not aware of any records as yet for Herefordshire. I do note that it's spread has reached counties to the east of Hereford and Worcester, so it's appearance was/is only a matter of time. When it first appeared in South Bucks in 2010, it fast became a regular, but only spread some 14 miles north as far as Chesham by 2015. So its progress was fairly slow going. I'll let Oliver comment on Worcester.

    And welcome to the Blog!

  2. Welcome and congratulations on a county first!
    There are no previous records for VC37 Worcestershire.
    I recorded it a few hundred yards south of the Worcestershire border in VC33 East Gloucestershire a couple of years ago. That was the third county record. It is clearly creeping up the country, but as Peter says, quite slowly.
    It is a fine looking moth but I hope it does not become too much of a pest in our Box trees!

  3. Wow that's amazing. I'm really chuffed with that (although very glad I don't have box trees now!) Thanks for letting me join - I've been following for a while, so it's really nice to start joining in properly.


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