Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bringsty Common July 10th

I very nearly didn't put out a trap last night, and then when walking the dog just before midnight it was getting chilly with a bright moon, so I nearly switched it off.  However, this morning I was surprised at the number of species.  Not so many micros (13 species with about another 5 to add later) but 71 species of macro-moth.  Not too bad after all.  Included in the haul was my second Garden Tiger of the year, my second Suspected, my first Waved Black and first Oak Eggar of the year.  Rosy Footman and Muslin Footman put in appearances and I'm pleased to see Heart & Dart and Large Yellow Underwing numbers in decline.  Uncertain and Rustic numbers now on a par as Rustic builds up and Uncertain declines.  Commonest moth was the Common Footman (23 individuals) for macros and Chrysoteuchia culmella (also 23) for micros.  I shall go out this evening (as you do) and check my ragwort and buddleias for good migrants.  The trap recorded 2 Silver Y only last night. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Garden Tiger

Bringsty Common: Waved Black

Bringsty Common: Oak Eggar

Bringsty Common: Suspected

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