Saturday, 24 October 2015

Winners and losers

Just been comparing results with the last 9 years of recording and come up with the  following lists. How do they compare to your recording?
Winners: Beaded Chestnut, Black Rustic, Beautiful Hook Tip, Buff Ermine, Buff Tip, Common Rustic agg, Flame Shoulder, Dot Moth, Lime Speck Pug, The Rustic, Six-striped Rustic, Small Square Spot.
Losers: Common, Garden and Green Carpets, Common and Dingy Footman, Lunar Underwing, Purple Bar, September Thorn, Treble Lines, White long term decline for Brown--Line Bright-Eye.
October so far has been above average (certainly better than September except for my garden first Hedge Rustic on the 9th). Last night 3x Merveilles and 2x Streak took the macro list for this year to a round 300.
Finally-in response to a former blog about Peppered variety, we have recorded 500 Peppered in the garden since 2007. This included 6 intermediate (1.2%) and 6 dark (1.2%).
Ian Machin

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