Thursday, 1 October 2015

Leaf mines along the Laugherne Brook

I'm lucky enough to have my student house in Worcester back out onto the Laugherne Brook, with a fantastic range of broad-leaved trees overhanging our garden. I'm looking forward to spending the next month or so blitzing them for leaf-mines, but here are some I found in a brief search yesterday evening...

Stigmella aceris on Field Maple

I believe the row of Poplars behind our house are where Tony first discovered Phyllonorycter comparella new to Worcestershire. Many of the trees are out of reach, but some of the more accessible saplings had mines containing pupae which I hope will emerge soon...

Phyllonorycter comparella

Phyllonorycter platani on London Plane.

Phyllonorycter leucographella - emerged from a leaf-mine collected from Pyracantha last week.

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