Monday, 5 October 2015

Bringsty Common October 4th & 5th

Finally a warmer night! I ran a single MV light on the 4th and caught 116 moths of 31 species (26 macro and 5 micro). Topping the bill was Large Yellow Underwing (24), followed by Lunar Underwing (19) and then Black Rustic (10). The catch was dominated by Autumn species and new for the year were Deep-brown Dart, Beaded Chestnut, Barred Sallow, Pine Carpet and Green-brindled Crescent.

Meanwhile on the very mild and wetter 5th, despite early night heavy rain (0.36 inches overnight), the trap was busy for the time of year, even if it was only Tipula paludosa. 28 macros and 9 micros. 104 moths. Additions from the 4th were Yellow-line Quaker, Brick, Turnip, Rosy Rustic, Common Wainscot, Knot Grass, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Dusky Thorn, Agonopterix arenella, Orthopygia (Hypsopygia) glaucinalis, Epiphyas postvittana and the rather nice Palpita vitrealis. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common 4th: Deep-brown Dart

Bringsty Common 4th: Green-brindled Crescent

Bringsty Common 5th: Palpita vitrealis

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