Thursday, 22 October 2015

Bringsty Common October 21st

Inspired by Bill's post, and a mild but breezy night, I ran one mv trap in the garden. 27 species recorded, of which 5 were micros. I thought I would list them to compare. In order of recording:
Red-line Quaker 2
Merveille du Jour 3
Red-green Carpet 3
Barred Sallow 2
Figure of Eight 2
Sallow 3
Yellow-line Quaker 11
Angle-shades 1
Feathered Thorn 1
Rosy Rustic 1
Common Marbled Carpet 1
Lunar Underwing 2
Large Yellow Underwing 1
Setaceous Hebrew Character 4
Green-brindled Crescent 3
Satellite 1
Beaded Chestnut 1
Chestnut 2
Pink-barred Sallow 1
Black Rustic 1
Brown-spot Pinion 1
November moth agg. 1
Acleris variegana 1
Acleris rhombana 1
Acleris laterana 1
Hypsopygia costalis 1
Nomophila noctuella 1

Bringsty Common: Satellite

Bringsty Common: Hypsopygia costalis

Bringsty Common: Figure of 8

Bringsty Common: Merveille du Jour

Hypsopygia costalis is rather late, but not exceptionally so.
Peter Hall

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