Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hill-topping Moth

Whilst looking for the (then absent) Snow Buntings at the summit of North Hill, Malvern yesterday afternoon at 1,200 feet, the last thing I was expecting to see was a close fly-by Hummingbird Hawk-moth zipping south. FFY as well! Wonder if there are any November records for VC 37?  Have about 100+ tiny Pearly Underwing larvae at moment - let me know if anybody wants some to rear through on Dandelion, Dock, Cabbage etc.

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  1. Was it you we met yesterday afternoon at the rowans while we were failing to find Snow Buntings, Ring Ouzel and now Humming-bird Hawk! No Humming-bird records this late in October in vc36. Latest in 1983 Oct 20th.
    Phyl King


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