Saturday, 27 June 2015

An outsider post

A visit chez Hall from Bucks on Thursday night, to view the superb Herefordshire habitat to which he and Claire have escaped, resulted in the inevitable trapping visit to the nearby Brockhampton Estate (NT).  Three MV lights were run there and, as the guest, mine was plonked at the best spot for Blomer's Rivulet, a species last seen in Bucks in 2010 and which I happen to have been targeting this year - unsuccessfully so far.  The moth turned up at all three traps but mine managed 15 of them so needless to say I was quite pleased with that result.  It was also nice to see the tortrix Olindia schumacherana (not common in Bucks) and a tiny plume which needs closer attention but may have been Oxyptilus parvidactylus (for which there is only one Bucks record).  Otherwise the catch was very much as I would have got in woodland at home although it is always pleasing to see moths such as Little Emerald, Beautiful Carpet and Red-necked Footman no matter where you are.  The pictures below were all taken by Peter Hall.

Blomer's Rivulet, Brockhampton 25th June
Beautiful Carpet, Brockhampton 25th June

Red-necked Footman, Brockhampton 25th June
Dave Wilton, in far off VC24

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  1. 5 mentions of Bucks, are you from Bucks perhaps? Glad you enjoyed it.


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