Thursday, 18 June 2015

Reward for Mowing the lawn!

      I disturbed a superb Golden Plusia whilst mowing the lawn this afternoon. I see one or two here most years, usually at the trap, nevertheless it is a superb moth and always a pleasure to see.
     I've seen 6 Bordered Straws here in 6 nights, missing one night but doubling up on another. Let's hope they breed and we continue to see them through the year. Well done to Oliver on his Ni Moth and Cypress Carpet....I keep hoping.
Robin Hemming, Bodenham, Herefordshire

Bodenham: Bordered Straws

Bodenham: Golden Plusia

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  1. I've got a new lawnmower being delivered tomorrow, so I look forward to some good migrants Friday night then.


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