Saturday, 6 June 2015

Wyre Forest, Thursday 4th June

Little Thorn
Inspired by Ian's post about netting micros in Wyre I met up with Steve W. at Lodge Hill Farm and we spent an enjoyable and productive 90 minutes netting along the railway line and in the meadows, recording over 20 species. All those recorded below by Ian, bar Ancylis obtusana, plus Cauchus fibulella, Monopis weaverella with large numbers of Elachista albifrontella and 9 Micropterix aureatella.
We then moved on to our trapping site and a group of 6 had a great evening with temperatures just about remaining in double figures. We were not overrun with huge quantities but the majority of moths looked very fresh including Common Fan-foot, Square-spot, Devon Carpet, Alder Kitten, Beautiful Snout and three Little Thorns. A good sprinkling of micros included Pseudatemelia flavifrontella, Bucculatrix demaryella and an 'interesting looking' Gelechid, still to be determined.
Patrick Clement
Elachista albifrontella
Elachista atricomella

Bucculatrix demaryella (Gen Det male)

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