Saturday, 13 June 2015

Singing in the Rain

My weather station showed me 0.76 inches of rain fell last night and it rained just about all night...and still is this morning as I write. With it being a mild night, I decided to run the trap in the garden (Bringsty Common). I took a quick look around midnight and it was very busy, but as it was raining heavily I didn't hang around. This morning I was pleased with the catch, macros totalled 291 moths of 52 species and micros a disappointing 13 moths of 8 species with a couple to look at later. Migrants here continue to pass me by with again a solitary Silver Y in the trap. I did catch my first Blomer's Rivulet for the site which makes the planting of the Wych Elm in the garden a good move (it's about 2 feet tall at the moment). Topping the show was Heart & Dart on 36, but Elephant-hawk are increasing by the day and last night I counted 18. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: A Gathering of Elephants


  1. Nice election of Hawk moths there, Pete - should have ran my trap last night, but the forecast said heavy thundery storms.

  2. Thanks Dave, not quite lined up like the Red Arrows as per your last Lime-hawk image. I ran the trap because it was going to be very mild and I've had experiences in the past of moths flying when so mild despite heavy rain, like last night. Best was Bernwood Forest many years ago when it was a deluge and still they came in as I tried to pack up before drowning or having to swim home. That was hard because you stop to record each moth coming in of course and you just get wetter and wetter. I was younger then!

  3. Nice to see that you are still counting - long may it continue!! It'll be time to start using the second egg-tray soon, won't it?

    I haven't seen a single Elephant Hawk anywhere yet, but here in Bucks the garden is already well into double digits with Small Elephants.

  4. Whose idea was it to get me counting...I only have so many fingers.


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