Friday, 26 June 2015

Bringsty Common

Bringsty Common: Figure of Eighty
Recent nights single trap catches have been running between around 40 to 70 macro species per night - depending on the overnight temperatures. Last night it was warmer than of late with a minimum of 12.8 degrees at 3.30am and I have currently 65 macro species (184 moths) with Minors and a few Pugs still to id. Last night also was better for micros with 16 species from 59 moths and a few to id later. I have finally joined the Bordered Straw club with a battered one in the trap last night along with a singleton Rush Veneer. I won't post a picture, there've been more than enough posted recently. Topping the bill last night was Heart & Dart on 28 (I had 52 the night before). 14 Elephant-hawk, 2 Small Elephant-hawk and 2 Poplar-hawk. A couple of Triple-spotted Clay, which have been coming to the trap for the past few days now. A single Figure of Eighty also, one Miller otherwise they are all to be expected. Micros were dominated by Celypha lacunana, but single examples of Teleiodes vulgella and Apotomis capreana were nice to see. Peter Hall

Bringsty Common: Triple-spotted Clay

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