Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Haugh Wood May 16th

As Ian has just posted, conditions in the end last night were rather good. I ventured out for only the second time this season, this time to Haugh Wood where I plan to record on the north side of the wood this year. Rob Hemming joined me for the evening. It started off with a fine but persistent drizzle, but we were out of the wind and the temperatures held up for the 3 hours we trapped. After about an hour the drizzle stopped, although most things were very damp by then. I ran 2 white-robinson traps and my tally of species at the end stood at 74 macromoth species and approximately 15 micromoth species (a few still to determine). By my maths that makes 89 species and with Robin's 2 Skinner trap results included we have just passed the hundred mark. From my 2 traps: topping the bill for numbers were: Nut-tree Tussock (44), Marble Brown (32), Brown Silver-line (21), Orange Footman (19), Brimstone (18), Pebble Hook-tip (16), White-pinion Spotted (13), Green Carpet , Coxcomb Prominent and Alder Kitten (12 each). Because of the proximity to Small-leaved Lime we recorded Roeslerstammia erxlebella and Pauper Pug. Also making an appearance were Buttoned Snout (Robin's trap), Silver Cloud, Oak Nycteoline, Great Prominent, Alder, Mocha, Dingy Shell and Lobster. As you would expect, lot's of new for year records included. Peter Hall & Rob Hemming
Haugh: Alder Kitten

Haugh: Barred Umber

Haugh: Puss

Haugh: Silver Cloud


  1. Haugh Wood is the only place I have recorded an adult Puss Moth ........ a few years ago .......

    1. It arrived just before packing up time, so it would have been around 12.30am as I did my usual 3 hour session. Lights went on slightly early at 9.30 due to it being so gloomy with cloud cover and mist.


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