Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Halesowen 16th May

Pauper Pug
A good night here too with 3 new species for the garden, Pauper Pug, Agonopterix scopariella and Phyllonorycter muelleriella.
A Monopis sp. with no tornal spot is being recorded as laevigella, though I never feel totally convinced with these, and dissecting doesn't help much.
Others of interest were Pammene albuginana and Azalea Leaf-miner, plus a few Neps and Phyllo's still to determine.
                                     Patrick Clement

Monopis laevigella

Agonopterix scopariella


  1. Are you saying my laevigella/weaverella comparison image on the dissection site is no good?

    1. PS it looks good for laevigella

    2. As if I would dare! I'm just saying the differences are very subtle.


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