Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bringsty Common update

I missed the first couple of warm nights we've been enjoying recently, but I've been running traps in the garden since the 27th and it's been pretty reasonable for May. Prior to that I was wondering if I'd chosen the correct hobby. Vague weather forecasting again by the Met Office meant I didn't venture out and about and in hindsight I should have. I recorded 58 macro species and 13 micros on the 27th, rising to 68 macros and 32 micros on the 28th, the 29th I got 60 macros and 23 micros and last night 65 macros and 23 micros. Plenty of Figure of 80, good numbers of Treble Lines and Lobster along with Pale Tussock - including a number of females trapped. Loads of Grass Rivulet (I recorded 11 in the traps last night) and Brown Silver-line continue to presumably drift over from the bracken stands on the Common (23 last night). The first Green Arches have appeared, all fresh and spectacular. I don't often get Pale Mottled Willow or Poplar Grey, but both appeared last night along with a Bordered White. I have no idea where the nearest Pine is, perhaps it came the same route as the Spruce Carpet did 2 nights ago. Few migrants - just 2 Silver Y. Heart & Dart are starting to build in numbers along with Small Square-spot. I recorded 22 H&D and 20 Small Square-spot last night.

Plenty of micros and there is a waiting list now of some of the smaller ones - especially Coleophorids - for me to id later in the year. Peter Hall
Bringsty Common: Figure of 80

Bringsty Common: Evergestis forficalis

Bringsty Common: Treble Brown-spot

Bringsty Common: Grass Rivulet

Bringsty Common: Bordered White

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