Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bringsty Common update

Here seems to be a typically migrant-free zone although this week 1 Nomophila noctuella and one Udea ferrugalis. Catches are dropping by the day. Last night 27 macros and just 9 micros adorned the single trap put out. Back in front was Large Yellow Underwing (33), followed by Brimstone (28), then Setaceous Hebrew Character (17), Flame Shoulder (15) and Small Square-spot (13). There was a single Angle-striped Sallow, rather worn which is my second this year, the first being quite a while earlier. I was down to 1 Agriphila tristella and also just one Blastobasis adustella. Good numbers of Dusky Thorn (7). Crane fly numbers are building nicely! Peter Hall

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